A commission will review the alleged violations committed by Israel during the offensive against Hamas that lasted 11 days and left at least 250 dead

The United Nations Human Rights Council yesterday approved the creation of a commission to investigate possible war crimes committed by Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem, during the recent bombings.

«I sincerely hope that this is the last time we need such an extraordinary session,» said the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, at the inauguration.

The creation of this independent international commission had the approval of 24 of the 47 countries that make up the Human Rights Council, while nine voted against it, including Austria, Germany, Bulgaria and the United Kingdom. In addition, there were 14 abstentions, like those of France or Brazil.

The commission must investigate «all alleged infractions of international humanitarian law, violations and abuses of international human rights law that occurred before and after April 13, 2021,» he said.

In the same way, it must clarify «all the causes of the repeated tensions, instability and the long-lasting nature of the conflict, including systematic discrimination and repression on grounds of national, ethnic, racial or religious origin,» the final text stated.

Shortly after knowing the decision, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, showed his «categorical» rejection of any type of investigation in this regard, a position already adopted on previous occasions, and accused the Human Rights Council of being «a anti-Israeli majority body ”.

In addition, he accused that «immoral majority» of «covering up» «a genocidal terrorist organization that deliberately attacks Israeli civilians while turning Gazans into human shields,» referring to Hamas.

The decision came on the same day that Hamas fighters and Palestinian citizens participated in a parade and subsequent rally in the Gaza Strip, where they claimed they defeated Israel and showed off their weapons.

For its part, the United States, which does not have the right to vote after leaving in 2018 by order of former President Donald Trump, «deeply regretted» the launch of an investigation of these characteristics, as it «threatens to jeopardize progress.» .

The military escalation broke out on May 10 after Hamas fired several projectiles, a day after Israeli agents stormed the Al Aqsa mosque, the third holy place for Muslims, and injured hundreds of worshipers in the middle of Ramadan. After eleven days of fighting, a ceasefire was reached.

The UN confirmed the death of more than 250 people and estimates that almost two thousand were injured. In addition, about two thousand homes destroyed, as well as schools and hospitals, and electrical supply facilities.

For this reason, the UN issued an emergency call to raise 95 million in the next three months to meet immediate humanitarian needs and repair key facilities in Gaza.

With information from AP and DPA