After a seven-month investigation, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Metropolitan Police of Valle de Aburrá accused the gang ‘Los Branchos’ of committing the crime of private use of military garments, among others.

The Metropolitan Police of Valle de Aburrá confirmed the capture of seven citizens, alleged members of the criminal combo ‘Los Branchos’, accused of stealing vehicles, merchandise, liquors, fabrics, tires and other uniformed elements of police in Medellín.

According to the investigation presented by the authorities, which took seven months, the subjects were engaged in land piracy, docking vehicles in the Aburrá Valley.

Apparently, the men disguised themselves as policemen and took advantage of this situation to make checkpoints and steal merchandise from the vehicles that were forced to stop.

In this sense, those involved were found to have committed the crime of private use of military garments after a series of raid operations, to which the public force and its investigation units found them multiple accessories.

Pablo Ruiz, commander of the Metropolitan Police of the Aburrá Valley, pointed out that ‘Los Branchos’, a criminal group dedicated to land piracy, obtained the information about the vehicle, the merchandise it was transporting, the value of the same, as well as the route that was going to take and its schedule to distribute, so that they could carry out the thefts in Antioquia territory:

Reflective vests used by the Police have been found and sold in stores in Medellín. The members of this criminal gang intimidated the driver and the companions with firearms, in order to be taken to wooded places, where they were held for two or more hours to guarantee that they did not communicate during this time. After a while, they shipped the merchandise, for which they used signal-inhibiting devices, as well as drugging their victims with scopolamine
Wearing Sijín uniforms, false policemen stole more than 1,500 million pesos in jewelry and cash in Medellín

Using an alleged search warrant, twelve bogus police officers entered a home in a luxurious Medellín residential unit and stole more than $ 1.5 billion worth of jewelry, Rolex watches and cash.

The events took place at dawn on Sunday, May 16, in a residential complex located in the La Loma de los Balsos neighborhood, in the El Poblado sector, commune 14 of Medellín.

The false uniforms arrived at the residential complex with reflective Sijín jackets and convinced the doorman of the residential unit to enter to comply with a judicial procedure.

Once the men passed through the gate of the place, they identified the home of the victims, and deceived the resident families by assuring that they should carry out a search and subsequently execute an arrest warrant against a citizen of that residential complex.

Taking into account the above, the victims authorized entry to the house and immediately the criminals began to gag a married couple and their two children to commit the millionaire theft, in which they took merchandise and cash equivalent to 1,500 million of pesos.

As Blu Radio learned, the loot stolen from the house includes 70 Rolex watches worth 1,000 million pesos, as well as a safe that had 500 million pesos in cash inside and two firearms.

At the moment the identity of the thieves who were registered in the security cameras of the residential complex, as well as their whereabouts, is unknown to the authorities.