The lifeless body was found wedged inside the leg of the statue and there is no «evidence of criminality» in the death
They find the corpse of a missing man inside the statue of a dinosaur in Barcelona


The Catalan authorities have found this Saturday at noon the corpse of a man inside a decorative dinosaur, for advertising purposes, located on Francesc Macià avenue next to the old cinemas of the Cubics Building, in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona.

A corpse was found wedged inside the leg of the decorative statue and without «evidence of criminality.»

As explained by the Mossos d’Esquadra, the 112 emergency telephone number received a call at 12 noon advising that there was a body inside the statue.

At that time, three teams of the Fire Department of the Generalitat were activated, who had to make a hole in the statue and a crane action to be able to remove it, the Catalan police have assured.

According to the local media El, citing police sources, a father and his son, who regularly play in the area, have been the ones who have discovered the corpse inside the dinosaur, and have notified the Catalan authorities .

According to this medium, the body would correspond to a man of about 40 years of age whose family had reported his disappearance hours before the body was discovered, so it is ruled out that he was a homeless person.

Dinosaur statue where the corpse has been found. Google Maps


Although the investigation by the authorities is still underway in order to clarify the facts, the first investigations of the Mossos d’Esquadra handle the hypothesis that the man fell inside the figure or that he had taken shelter inside to pass the night, as his body did not show any sign that the death had occurred with violence, which rules out the criminal motive.

In the place where the protagonists of the surprising discovery used to play, several members of the firefighters’ special rescue team would also have to present themselves due to the difficulties involved in removing the body. In fact, it would be necessary to saw various parts of the decorative dinosaur, as shown in the video published by the local newspaper ‘ElMirall.Net’, to complete the extraction maneuvers, which would generate a notable impact and concern among the residents of the area.