Everyone knows that «until death do you part» is no longer always true, as there are many occasions when commitments between couples are broken for multiple reasons. And when love ends, what remains are the things you have in common: pets, children, property and … passwords?

A boy ‘skips’ his ex’s block and manages to talk to her on Netflix.

It seems that few people will think the ‘recklessness’ of sharing the bank account or the user of some platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, Disney +, HBO or Netflix. And what happens if the relationship ends? Here comes the complications.

For Carmen, the biggest problem came when her boyfriend cheated on her, but after four months, he tried to get in touch with her. This was shared by the tweeter Ceciarmy to whom she told her story.

Despite being «blocked from all sides», as she claimed, her ex managed to talk to her. «He dedicates himself to changing the name of the Netflix profiles (we pay it half, that’s why he has it) to send me subliminal messages,» the young woman explained.

«Talk to me, WhatsApp, please, I did not do anything», is the phrase he wrote, as if it were a telegram, in the five users of the platform. Later, he changed it for a different one: «Carmen, damn, I swear, I’m innocent.»

Finally, it seems that her ex gave up and sent her one last text: «Thank you, for ignoring me, goodbye, I love you, Carmen.» The question is, would this boy have also left a message maybe a subliminal type in the series that each user watched?